A new version (3.9) of AffiLinker WordPress plugin has been released today.

When compared to the older 3.5 version, here are the improvements:

  • Major Update: AffiLinker was known for its JavaScript-based hidden links. From this new version, the hidden links feature has been removed in order to stay in compliance with Google webmaster guidelines. However, it still supports masking those ugly affiliate link’s into nice links using link-term + keywords.
  • UTF-8 Keywords: Now AffiLinker supports UTF-8 characters in a better way. For example, it can convert Turkish language keywords into affiliate links.
  • Other Issues Fixed:
    • There were affiliate link creation issues with few of the users.
    • Hiddenseek.js referred to 404 error issue, thanks to WPAdvices.com
    • Keyword space issue (that occurs for long tail keywords)
  • Auto-Update Disabled: 
    • As of now, we have paused the Auto-update feature due to technical issues.
    • You have to update the new version manually – Deactivate, Delete your current version and Install the new version. All your keywords, Affiliate Links, Stats, all the settings “are not affected” when you move to the new version.
    • You can read another post on how to manually update AffiLinker?
  • Introducing User Area: Now you don’t need to find that download email anymore. You can visit the User Area here, enter your Order No. and download the latest version of plugin any time. Hope it will be helpful to you.

If you find any issues, please contact using the Support Page.

Thanks for all your support.

~ Ven Tesh [my blog]