We have released a new version of AffiLinker (version 3.5).

This release has new support to show “Title Text” for affiliate links.

What’s New in AffiLinker 3.5 ?

  • A new feature has been added to show Title Text (basically, tool tip) which appears when your visitor hovers the mouse pointer over an affiliate link. With this feature, you can add “call-to-action” to an affiliate link and that helps to grab visitors attention leading to more clicks.
  • Improvements and minor bug fixes on automatic plugin update feature.

How to update ? As usual, the plugin update automatically comes inside your WordPress dashboard. All you have to go to Plugins > Installed Plugins and click, update. See the below capture.

AffiLinker 3.5 Update

Click to enlarge

Alternatively, you can also manually update the plugin: Deactivate, Delete the older version and install the new version (sent to your registered email id as a .zip file).

Note: When you upgrade to new version, all your previous settings and configurations (including affiliate links, keywords) won’t be affected/removed.