A new version of AffiLinker has been released today.

This is an important release because we have made WordPress 3.6 compatibility fixes. With the latest WordPress version 3.6 in place, there are few issues reported by our users. And we have enhanced the Plugin to be compatible with WordPress 3.6 version.

Similar to the last release, you get this update directly from your WordPress dashboard. The following figure shows more information on, how it appears in your dashboard.


click to enlarge


Go to Plugins > Update Available and click, update now.

What’s New in AffiLinker 3.3 ?

The following are important updates given in this version:

  • WordPress 3.6 compatibility issues are fixed and this plugin is compliant with the latest WordPress releases.
  • Plugin execution has been optimized, especially in the admin panel and now it runs faster than before.
  • There are certain issues reported by the user like, default values are not taking effect. This has been fixed in this version.

As usual, a mail has been sent to your purchase email id along with the copy of WordPress plugin. You can wait for the update to come inside your WordPress dashboard or you can update it manually.


  • My next WordPress plugin (blasho Social Media Popup) is almost ready and soon, I will get back to you with limited FREE copies. Also, I am working to release the free version for the Official WordPress Plugin directory. Please be subscribed to the emails.

Thanks for all your support.

If you are a first time visitor, you can download the free version of AffiLinker from here.