We have released a new version of AffiLinker today.

This is a minor release which has support to resolve jQuery conflicts.

What’s New in AffiLinker 3.4 ?

  • A new option has been added to enable/disable jQuery scripts. This helps, if there are any jQuery conflicts in your WordPress blog. jQuery conflict comes when you have multiple plugins using different version of jQuery scripts.
  • The biggest problem is that when there are conflicts, plugins may not work properly as expected. And I want AffiLinker to be 100% compatible with your WordPress blog as well as other WordPress plugins that you use. Hence a new option has been added to enable/disable jQuery conflicts. By default, AffiLinker’s jQuery script is enabled.

How to update ? As usual, the plugin update automatically comes inside your WordPress dashboard. All you have to go to Plugins > Update Available and click, update now. That’s it.

3.4 Update Help

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Thanks for all your support.

  • If you are a first time visitor, you can download the free version of AffiLinker from the official WordPress page.