AffiLinker is a easy-to-use WordPress Plugin which helps to quickly monetize your WordPress blog. It converts the given keywords into given Affiliate Link. It also helps to show Affiliate Link cloud on the sidebar, footbar of your blog.

The aim of this plugin is to increase your blog income and to save your valuable time.

Note: This is NOT a “get rich quick” type of system :)

Here are the most unique features of AffiLinker that makes it to stand-out from other similar plugins in the market.

  • Not only convert keywords into links, make stylish, colorful Affiliate Links – Make your visitor Love-To-Click.
  • Show the collection of Affiliate Links as a Tag Cloud on the sidebar, footer bar – Gives more Visibility.
  • Take maximum control on Affiliate Link placement & be compliance with Google webmaster guidelines – Gain more Authority.

You can refer to the feature page for more detailed information.

Step 1: Login to your WordPress dashboard

Step 2: Go to Plugins -> Add New

Step 3: Click “Upload”

Step 4: Click “Browse”, select the file and click “Install Now”

Step 5: AffiLinker installs and prints a message “Plugin installed successfully.”

Step 6: Now click “Activate Plugin”

Done ! AffiLinker is ready to work !

If you are not satisfied with AffiLinker within 6o-days from the date of purchase, you can request for a Refund and get your money back without any questions.
No, it won’t work.

Once you claimed a Refund, the license expires immediately and your copy of AffiLinker won’t work.

This helps to avoid those fraudulent buyers.

Currently, Hover Color and Hover Background colors are supported only in blog posts, pages and not supported in Comment Section. However, the other interactive settings like: Link Color, Background Color, Font size, Font Family, Underline style etc. works on comment section also.
You may face alignment issues with Affiliate Link Cloud widget especially when you use the combination of “Keyword As Cloud” and “Enable Interactive Links”. This happens because your WordPress theme’s sidebar line-height is smaller than the font size of Keywords that you set.

You can correct this issue in 2 ways:
1) Reduce the Font size range (under Appearance->Widgets->AffiLinker Cloud that you dropped on the sidebar or footerbar) to fit the line-height of your WordPress theme.
2) Increase the line-height for the sidebar/footerbar in your WordPress theme’s CSS file more than the AffiLinker’s max font range.

Alternatively, you can also disable “Enable Interactive Links” on the widget settings.

Yes, your AffiLinker purchase grants “multi-site license”, that means you can use it on any number of your OWN WordPress blogs only.
You can send us a support request from this page. Please mention your Order Number when you report any issues.
Yes, that’s about AffiLinker’s algorithm. The algorithm is made such that it won’t repeat the same affiliate link in a single paragraph. Basically, it gives better user experience.
No. All the links created by AffiLinker are regular A-HREF tag links only. We are not using Javascript based hidden links as it is against Google webmaster guidelines.
You can include or exclude keywords from Affiliate Link Cloud widget using the “Show In Cloud” option. Go to AffiLinker -> Manage All Links -> Other Options, there you will find the “Show In Cloud” option. Uncheck the option to exclude keywords from the cloud widget.

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